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Travel jewel: Wu source travel is prevented cheat little hint
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Numerous tourist comes the purpose of Wu source, besides appreciating the beautiful view here, more it is to go after a mood those who go up is happy with relaxed. Full day lives in multifarious city, in the overworked job at loaded down with trivial details, set foot on oneself itinerary that momently, probably your mood has been put completely to fly.
But go out the person that outer hard to avoid wants bring into contact with to differ and thing, had had inside this, also have bad, beautiful, also have deformed, have goodness, also have evil. Of course, be deceived, suffer slaughter, I want to affirm the thing that everybody wishs to see least of all. But some are illegal person, drive impossible to defend effectively of thought letting a person for illegal profit.  
Here, did not mean Wu source to arrive to cry the person looks and sound however degree. As a whole market of Wu source travel is very normative still. You want to be taken care slightly only, do not pursue Xiaoli, these things can avoid.
Art of their commonly used action
If you are a tourist, some are illegal the person that draw a customer, stare at early went up you this " fat " in doorway of a few tourist attractions, advise in earnest do for you " scanty heart " the job, persuade to you live in constellation to him or have a meal, the credit that says oneself is how good, fame how big, this person did not talk with you come down, can the 2nd person goes up again, the battle of assault fortified positions of tall difficulty of thresh gain of true it may be said, its " spirit " it is really " commendable " and they still are met it is you freely to make a conduct a sightseeing tour. Actually they explain to the tourist attraction and do not have ability, the tourist copes with a method best is not at pay attention to or ask them to go away, lest the influence is original good amuse oneself humor, general requirement is good, prestige is high won't draw a customer, the tourist eats in Wu source oneself search or had better book on the net.
Wu source shopping market compares a standard as a whole, buy by force sell by force have hardly, but tourist the following respects try to notice, not informal skill buys jade object of antique antique, ancient calligraphy and painting, gem, unless you are adept.
Complain a guideline
Every is encountered contain con or the troublesome issue of stick like a limpet, must not fear flabbily, otherwise they are met more aggressive is licentious, what you should do above all is decisive and strong refuse, they won't you how, if these are used without giving thought to, can complain to relevant management department, believe management department can promote justice for you. The exam is old the editor is arranged

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