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Of tent buy and maintain basic common sense
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Choice tent basically should see you use it below what condition. Tent basically applies to 3 kinds of utility: It is recreational, without ground floor, material also does not have too much requirement, facilitate carry, basically be the recreational place sunshade such as beach, rest temporarily; 2 it is general field uses layer of tent, know how things stand and feel confident of handling them, material requirement is made relative to glass reinforced plastics of lever of taller, battalion, qualitative light at carrying. 3 it is the high mountain is made by aluminium alloy with column of special tent, battalion, tent is outer prevent tear off etc. What we choose normally is the 2nd kind.
General two people account is most the tent that often uses, because had better be carried, although 3 people or single person can live. The colour and lustre of tent had better choose warm color attune to be like yellow, orange, or gules, when you cannot the easy resolution of conspicuous colour and lustre when move. Tent needs to have enough cooking space between account of inside and outside, the single person space of general tent is to be in 17 to 20 square foot. Double battalion lever is compared normally firm, but build camp quickly in blast not easily.
Tent cannot use washing machine to clean. Battalion column must be placed apart with account cloth, avoid tear account cloth, when deposit tent, wet tent needs lay open airing to close again, although ascend process was not wetted but of climber expiratory etc can make damp gathers within tent, so best booth open-shelf is set, airing just closes for some time, fold of tent otherwise rule, heal because of use tent frequency much, fold too the rule is orderly can make fold sclerosis appears disintegrate breach. The exam is old the editor is arranged

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