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Travel jewel: Go the 8 big notes that Hainan travels
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1.Hainan travel needs to wear travel shoe, cannot wear leather shoes. Need to take prevent bask in things. Among them sunglasses, parasol, prevent basking in frost is indispensible.
2. Rely on the sea to have the of great capacity, seafood is first selection food of course, but must not excessive edible, to prevent accident, need to take digestant and antiphlogistic drug. The thing on small vendor's stand, if do not have local friend to guide, had better not eat.
3. Hainan fruit is rich, coco, mango, areca, pineapple and pineapple honey wait, street booth has carry out, but cannot excessive edible. Face can take a few come home, before boarding a plane, do consign.
4. Miniascape of coconut carving of Hainan special local product, shell carving, coral, pearl, crystal, when buying must differentiate true bogus carefully (as far as possible little shopping) , the price also wants bargain. Nevertheless, 100 yuan of above or high-grade thing had better not be bought. Additional, on the plane forbidden carry coral.  
5. Swing avoids to go out alone as far as possible row. Date of the mobile phone of personnel of person of the same trade, room must remember. The name position of the hotel that oneself stay also wants to remember well.
6. Batteries of camera, camera, film, belt, charger should prepare sufficient. Not miserly oneself film, otherwise, return the home you regretted. Play in seaside beach upper reaches, the attention does not let spun yarn or seawater is entered take a picture, photograph like equipment.
7. Must have kept afore-mentioned oneself certificate, coin, equipment and other goods.
8. Hainan is a Sukhavati that did not pollute almost, not optional still litter and destroy plant, cultural relic, the attention protects the good environment with unique Hainan. The exam is old the editor is arranged

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