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Place of qualitative check of Shanxi province travel releases 5 travel common tr
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Reduce a tourist attraction, increase at one's own expenses project, reduce accommodation level, fee collects more after arriving at a tourist attraction... yesterday, when Shanxi saves travel quality to supervise administrative institute to accept a reporter to interview, say, this year 7-8 month, this official put on record accepts travel complainant to travel agent complain effectively it is 5, all swim for home quality is complained. To complaining medium typical case, relevant controller undertook commenting on.
Case one: Accommodation standard is demoted
In August the middle ten days of a month, ms. Wang played some travel agent 5 hill travel 2 days round, samSung class room is made clear in original this contract. But arrived after 5 hill, ms. Wang just discovers, those who enter is farmhouse happy hotel of place actually, the room is narrow and damp. After raising doubt to the tourist guide, the tourist guide expresses, what they enter is the SamSung class hotel of civilian standard, do not have breach of contract. After returning Taiyuan, ms. Wang and travel agent bargaining not if really, complain travel agent then to place of travel qualitative inspect.
Case analysis: Wang Yan of director of institute of supervisory government of quality of Shanxi province travel is smooth express, because travel agent do sth without authorization reduces accommodation grade level,this kind of circumstance is, if the tourist encounters this kind of problem, answer to be mirrorred in time to the tourist guide, if irreplaceable, need tourist guide writes accommodation to demote to prove or leave guesthouse material to do oneself complain a proof.
Case 2: A Gao Xiang 300 yuan
Ms. Chen is taking the child to travel to Suzhou in summer vacation time, before the tourist guide takes everybody to do obeisance to Buddha to local cloister, when explaining all the way, blow local cloister fantastic, can beg a god to ask a lot for the tourist, always protect restful, and letter Buddha wants expensive in sincere desire, cannot ask valence, Jew. Ms. Chen is complained say, after entering cloister, person specially assigned for a task guides monks of each name of tourist ask to see, give directions by renown monk next do obeisance to a god, serve 3 Gao Xiang for the tourist, and every Gao Xiang should be pressed after doing obeisance to hold a memorial ceremony for to end when Ms. Chen 300 yuan pay fee, after Ms. Chen astounded pays fee very reluctantly, be brought back to see a monk again, renown monk says she and Buddha have a reason again, can hold celestial being Buddha in the palm to come home bless restful, and " Great Master " the smallest Buddha that give directions also gets 600 yuan of above. After doing obeisance to a god Ms. Chen group talent as if wakening from a dream, breathe out greatly be duped.
Case analysis: Do not let ask valence chops the religious tourist attraction of valence the more, have a problem more easily, the tourist requires vigilance. Many tourist attractions have go up in big stone " feel blessing " means, saying is free, but ballot is solved want to collect fees, a lot of tourists hinder at feelings or temporarily muddleheaded paid the exorbitant fee that see a lot.
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