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Travel jewel: Be beneficial to Gao Hai to dial the Tibetan medicine of mountain-
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Ask: What medicine can have effect to highland environment suiting when mountain-climbing?
Answer: Often become aware, pearl 70, sit Zhudaxi, Yu Ningmin A hides medicine 4 kinds, in altitude 8000 meters of or so a mountainous area exchange raise enteron function, improve Morpheus quality, increase quantity of heat, have the effect that other medicaments cannot compare. In mountain-climbing, because food cannot assure normally, expeditionary team member has stomach trouble mostly, often become aware to treating gastric disease, recuperation digestion function has very distinct effect. Pearl 70 regard famous Tibet as medicine, should have giddy, disgusting when waiting for relatively serious reaction to high altitudes, team member should take this drug. Sit Zhudaxi is one kind fights medicaments of natural environment disaffected, it is especially when Nepalese churchyard mountain-climbing, because water quality is bad,be opposite and bilge the semiotic effect such as abdomen, vomiting is very good. When mountain-climbing, anoxic reflect above all at liver ministry, add food and drink abnormal, drink more, hepatic burden is very heavy, accordingly, yu Ningmin A is the drug that expedition basically keeps liver, bravery, although Tibetian grows on world ridge of a house the body is good, but the reaction to high altitudes that to altitude 6000 meters of above have different rate. One have reaction to high altitudes to take some of Western medicine, but the side effect on hill is very apparent. And taking the history after long Tibet is officinal, the feeling will be very good. Mountain-climbing team member people often lie in world of ice and snow, chill is the oldest natural enemy. After taking Tibetan drug, not only quantity of heat increases apparently, and Morpheus it may not be a bad idea is much. Another kind of caboodle Tibetan medicine just has on the high mountain fight cutaneous of reaction, protection individual action.
The another important medicaments in hiding medicine " red red-spotted stonecrop " say again " downy ginseng " . Its effect is like ginseng, but excel ginseng, join excited action without the person namely strong and cannot long the side effect that take. Tibetan cure thinks red red-spotted stonecrop has " Fu Zhenggu this, regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it raises blood, be good at head beneficial wisdom, nourishing powerful body " function. 100 % is pure medicine of natural health protection " capsule of Tibetan red red-spotted stonecrop " have fight anoxic, fight severe cold, restore physical ability curative effect, the remedy of first selection health care that it already made Tibet mountaineer team and downy motion train.
Sports medicine is a branch of medicine, it basically is mixed with the theory of modern medicine method, with physical training person for the object, will study the athletic sports effect to human airframe, and the ability that how human body gets used to motion, sports medicine matters to the health of human body, training and contest directly.
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