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Travel jewel: Is the car hired what to problem should note in Tibet?
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One, how is normal trailer coach found in Tibet?
The driver searchs to basically have 3 kinds of ways in Lhasa: 1, entrust travel agent (opposite more expensive, but more reliable) ; 2, let this locality friend help (better method) ; 3, look leave a message board, with others a get together (the lot that needs to see you, but to busy season when better find) .
2, the legal procedures that examines car and insurance.
The driver in Tibet is to replace others to drive more very, be not professional driver especially, some enters Tibet and the course into A to not be familiar with repeatedly, and they are to did not pass major to drive those who groom, calm meeting frightens cold sweat of your a suit on the road. So, examining a car that has normal procedure and insurance card is necessary completely.
3, a few specification of protocol journey course, tourist attraction, time and seating.
When certain route time, might as well search more some had gone getting a person, communicate oneself scheduling more, or the person that consults familiar line, help protocol everyday circuit journey, must make clear in contract journey everyday accommodation position, can avoid to hurry on with one's journey so, and the dangerous sex in adding the route, also avoided him body excessive exhaustion, and the harmful response of generation.
4, lash-up means.
Want to make clear in the contract, during transit, if car damages, help sb to deal with an emergency and jury means.
5, payment.
Mention expressly in the contract entire section specified amount spends the percentage with prepaid amount, additional make clear the breach of contract in process of drive a vehicle and restrict kind, also can write complain the means with punish. The exam is old the editor is arranged

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