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Travel jewel: How many 3 gorge does China have after all?
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"Gao Xia gives smooth lake " -- the complete of project of 3 gorge store water caused the Yangtse River common people is fixed eyes on. Mention 3 gorge, what people knows is the Yangtse River more big 3 gorge, it removes Sichuan on the west (today Chongqing) the Bai Dicheng of the county that give a red-letter day, hubei Yichang environs comes east south ferry closes, it is He Xiling of Qu pond gorge, witch gorge respectively gorge, full-length 193 kilometers, for area of well-known both at home and abroad well-known view travel. And be called in our country of 3 gorge still have ten place:
The Yangtse River is small 3 gorge: Cross hill of Chongqing city witch, Wu Xi condition of two counties county, for big 3 gorge paragraph the biggest affluent -- big Ning He is downstream, by south it is emerald green gorge of dragon door gorge, Ba Wu gorge and drop respectively north, full-length 50 kilometers.
The Yangtse River is small 3 gorge: Be located in inside Chongqing city area under administration Wu Shan, Wu Xi the upper reaches of river of 2 counties big peace, it is a cat respectively gorge, cupreous collect gorge and bright moon gorge. In be Sichuan namely since ancient times scenic spot.
River of the Huaihe River 3 gorge: In the middle of river of the Huaihe River of churchyard of the Anhui province, phoenix stage county has on the west, 5 rivers county reachs east, the ordinal nek that it is gorge, chaste tree nek and float nek, yi Chenhuai river is little 3 gorge.
Fine hill Jiang Sanxia: In Chongqing environs and add up to the Jia Lingjiang between plain county, it is drop nose gorge, lukewarm pond gorge and avalokitesvara gorge respectively.
Min Jiang Sanxia: Also call fine city small gorge, in Sichuan blueness divine county reachs happy hill city between, full-length 8 kilometers, the exam is collected greatly, ordinal for gorge of peace of gorge of colter gorge, boreal high mountain.
Boreal Jiang Sanxia: On the boreal river of Guangdong churchyard, the exam edits greatly, call blind the young respectively gorge, censer gorge and fly gorge.
On the west Jiang Sanxia: In Pearl River the biggest affluent on the west on the river, want the De Qing that the ground crosses wide thing ministry, high, cause celebrates 2 counties one city, old vessel gorge, 3 banyan gorge and antelope gorge are eastwards on the west oneself.
The horse crosses a river 3 gorge: In churchyard of Hubei Yichang city, also say Ma Liu river is little 3 gorge, it is gorge of long Cun Xia, palm, big Shi Xia respectively, for new monarch beauty spot.
Taiwan 3 gorge: Be not true gorge. Because one small town is located in Taipei city southwest,big fellow brook, horizontal brook and converge of 3 gorge brook are in, much water of the beach in the river is urgent, be like flow of water of the Yangtse River quite, friend name " 3 gorge " town.
In addition, the Yuan in relief reach that is in our country Guizhou Province, still have Yuan Yang He 3 gorge; Guangdong has even city county churchyard Huang plain 3 gorge; On the river of a small bay in a river with mid Sichuan, jiang Sanxia having a small bay in a river; County of Sichuan fierce grand has duck Jiang Sanxia; Sichuan is mid on the big affluent that cross a river, still have black clothes Jiang Sanxia.
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