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Travel serves fundamental term
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. . . . . . Term of travel service base

GB/T 16766-1997
1997-04-01 of State Bureau of Technical Supervision approves 1997-10-01 to carry out

Travel serves fundamental term
Basic Terms Of Service In Tourism


This standard consulted existing national level, occupation standard and relevant document, publication, and international Organization for Standardization (ISO) with World Tourism Organization (WTO) document, fixed the limits of term, entry and definition.
Term has special meaning and use, is not the run-of-mill definition that appears in dictionary. Fix the fundamental term that travel serves and definition, they are in the standard the usage in tourism is necessary. This standard serves tourism of course of study, international and our country tourism to use travel to serve the actual condition of fundamental term according to international, gave out to be defined accordingly, of this standard carry out, of the industry government that conduces to tourism and system of quality of travel company service build.
Tourism is other standard and the standard related to tourism, answer to use the term that this standard place defines as far as possible.
This standard standardizes technical committee to put forward by countrywide travel.
This standard standardizes a technology to committee puts in a mouth 's charge and explain by countrywide travel.
This standard is in charge of drafting an unit: Research center of travel of academy of sciences of society of national tourism bureau, Shanghai.
This standard basically drafts a person: Wang Dawu, Bi Lvgui, Liu Hanji, Peng Decheng, Zhang Anrui, Wu Zhihong, Jiang Yifan.

1 limits

This standard stipulated travel serves the fundamental term in the domain and definition.
This standard basically applies to Chinese tourism.

2 cite standard

The clause that following standard place contains, through citing in this standard compose makes the clause of this standard. When this standard is published, what show version to all be effective. All standards can be edited, use this level each just should be discussed use following level the possibility of newest version.
Management of GB/T 6583-1994 quality and quality assure term (Idt ISO 8402:1994)
Management of GB/T 19004.2-1994 quality and quality system element
The 2nd part: Service guideline (Idt ISO 9004-2:1991)
Of class of star of hotel of GB/T14308-1993 travel concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals differentiate reach assess

3 travel serve demand and supply

3.1 travel service needs square; Client Business Second Party Of Tourist Service; Customer
The acceptance of travel product or service person. They can be ultimate consumer, purchaser, the 2nd square or other the person that be benefited.
Note 1: Refer to GB/T 19004.2, GB/T 6583.
3.1.1 tourist Tourist
Undertake travelling consumptive mobile main body to satisfy material and mental culture requirement, it is the person that travel serves mobile demand and service object.
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