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What travel road mesoclimate changes is dangerous
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Although forecast field weather special difficulty, also cannot let matters drift. No matter weather variation or weather phenomenon, the scientific law that all has one of deciding but abide. To enjoy happy field activity, avoid risk, in order to ensure safe, should be in concerned weather respect, absorb alertly somehow knowledge. If can hold the principle of field weather, although be immersed in weather urgent revulsion to turn the urgent situation that create, also unapt commit serious unpremeditated crime. However, the thing that wants to understand namely and know all concerned weather is impossible job, answer to add the weather that researchs field more usually, be in at the same time after entering field, the variation of cloud and mist of double eye observation that should use oneself actually, understand field weather hard, tell the practised state with landform similar photograph in order to achieve namely as seeing a map.

   1.To the preparation with due atrocious weather and understanding

The place before be like is narrated, be engaged in field vivid mover, should learn the knowledge of weather respect namely usually, so that understand the feature of field weather, and why does weather produce change to wait. Thereby, the society is necessary when real activity and will surely somewhat the observation weather of the help, and the scale of weather map, sentence knowledge method.

Alleged observation weather, it is a basis to wait for the observation of the circumstance to the luminosity of star, sun, moon or cloud layer appearance, tendercy, try to forecast a kind of method of prospective weather. This is from of old, fieldwork if fisher is wild firewood the person that waits to work below environment, the weather that be experienced actually from inside experience and obtains forecasts a method, also have not rare sufficient scientific basis among them.

In meteorologist, have the appearance of cloud of some of person Chan Ping, tendency, can forecast the weather of morrow adequately. The introduction of field aerography the first pace, it is to look at a sky namely, look at the cloud. Outlook weather hopes gas has greatest help to forecasting weather, the detail asks the special book that reference concerns.

Next, if likelihood, should learn the weather map of observation of atmosphere of correct scale radio. Recently, because the research of observation instrument develops, already can obtain quite correct, rich weather data. Atmosphere is broadcasted in the time place that secures everyday in the report, all sow weather map and countrywide weather situation the newspaper to the masses. Recently, weather map of high morale layer also is used widely.

Average person often thinks scale weather map is very difficult, actually once begin actually, come simply with respect to discovery. Might as well buy weather map to use paper, go ahead of the rest practices scale weather map. Weather of if society outlook looks scene, criterion outdoors, when can use weather map effectively.
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