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Outdoors travel forecasts weather
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1, far hill is visible, tian Qing; Close hill is ambiguous, tian Yu. Because air is dry, weather is sunny, yuan Shancai can see well.

2, but very clear the sound that hears train, can rain. When weather shade Shenyang, by day with the decrescent of difference in temperature in the evening, sound allows Yi Chuanyuan.

3, see the cat washs a face, can rain. The cat washs facial movement with chela, because will rain,be when, humidity heighten, flea rises in the activity on feline body. (note: The cat loves cleanness very much, no less than rain also can wash a face)

4, frog makes cry ceaseless, can rain. Frog skin is thin, can quick the change that feels humidity, because this cries more intensely than ever, state humidity is big, can rain.

5, see there is water on cobweb in the morning, can clear. When weather is good, can greaten with the difference in temperature in the evening by day, encounter the vapor of cold air, turn into little water.

6, fish dive gives water, can rain. Far weather turns bad, pass quickly in water, the fish is startled and leap rises.

7, swallow is low fly, can rain. When weather turns bad, the insect relies on ground flight more, swallow wants to eat the insect, so low fly. (note: Swallow is low fly reach dragonfly is low fly have rain this one statement is not certain and correct, this one phenomenon can explain atmospheric pressure is low only, do not rain sometimes)

8, winter thunderous, can rain. Be faced with the coast, when there is thunderous in the winter, northwest monsoon is blown, can fall heavy rain.

9, spring blows south wind, easy cause an avalanche. Spring south wind, because maritime low pressure is caused,be. Warm south wind, easy after causing a winter to go not the avalanche collapse of defrost.

10, earthworm getting gives the ground, can rain. Weather turns bad, humidity increases, the ground is calefacient, the earthworm gives the ground to come with respect to meeting getting.

11, frost is faced south illuminate, give out bright glorious, meeting day fine. The cause of formation of frost is night chill, with difference in temperature is big by day, temperature is high by day, meeting day fine.

12, in the morning rain, stop easily. Olden female, think to rain in the morning, stop easily afternoon, coil sleeve washs the dress.



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