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Unidentified wild flower is not picked when Qiu You
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Autumn is the season of fructification bumper harvest, a lot of citizens can choose go to a suburb farmhouse courtyard has picked play. But, every year the tourist is in outing, healthy accident produces when plucking, destroyed admire autumn fun. Tianjin traditional Chinese medical science adds courtyard expert Liu Director Gui Ying to remind, qiu You is picked beware poisonous mosquito bites, had better not pluck to unidentified wild flower.

Liu Guiying says, field environment of the autumn not " peace and tranquility " , a few pairs of human body form minatory poisonous insect, snake, hornet to wait, often use dense bush to concealment rise, when people comes up against them carelessly, they can be atttacked to the person.

Because the pollen of the flower is mixed in air,additionally the disease of a lot of irritability, disease of respiratory tract is, enter system from nose inside hind also can cause person happening disease. The pollen concentration in air is higher, make the person suffers from more easily on asthma of cold, pneumonic, allergic, bronchus, rhinitis, pharyngitis, have a headache, swimmy, hypertensive disease.

Liu Guiying introduces, prevent " pollen disease " the method that goes easily simplier is:

1 , autumn is the season with highest chroma of the pollen in air, when the person that has allergy history goes out, must notice all the more, necessary word should wear guaze mask, or it is filar towel, do not be close to a likelihood to cause allergic flower.

2, had better not pluck to unidentified wild flower, should not bring back wild flower at will more, or it is to be inserted on the hair at will. After coming home from field, should take off next appearance to undertake alexipharmic be cleaninged clean immediately, the shoe also should be washed clean, had better bathe again.


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