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Zhejiang discovers bury of the biggest rock group amount to 120
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Civil the cliff bury that the Huang Tan that become a county presses down Ruan bottom village to suffer from Ma Tang to discover group, preliminary count has 120. Confirm via saving expert of culture archaeology place, it is the cliff bury with the largest scale that Zhejiang discovers at present group, will declare a province immaterial culture bequest protects a project.

Altitude of this big hill is controlled 350 meters, below the shaly layer that after volcano erupts magma accumulation forms, be continuous 449 meters long cliff bury group. Local villager with cultivating paddy is mixed breed flocks and herds to make a living, to such grave be accustomed to sth, till discovery of cultural relic branch.

Civil the article that become a county protects expert Chen Saikuan to say, bury of yellow calm cliff is consuetudinary traceable clear minor details, historical data record is transmitted from green Tian Liu, huang Tan belongs to Qing Tian at that time administer. Quarry of hill of above of green cropland person makes stone carving make a living, after dying, bury without money, straw mat wraps cadaver, in the mine hole that a place of strategic importance crosses into exploitation, hold off with a monument in mouth of a cave, engrave a few words simply to serve as gravestone, or gravestone is done not have.

This consuetudinary after circulating Huang Tan is pressed down, a few hill that subterranean bury does not have without money after dying civilian also follow the lead of this one practice, the intermediate relatively loose position of lava stone layer authentic opens, put in bier horizontal stroke, reoccupy block or flag seal mouth of a cave.

Some grave mouth of a cave use simple stone brick seal only, without v/arc a person's status. Some grave mouth of a cave use green flag seal, with engrave of the original complex form of a simplified Chinese character grave advocate life. The expert says, because just began,this is be a poor lift helplessly, discovery is exposed to the sun of cliff bury ground, dry later, geomantic good, became rich people to argue the territory under one's control of photograph loot.

Look from gravestone account content, king, piece, the 4 everybody that Xing, Cheng is cliff bury a group of things with common features, have a character at present but of textual research, the history is the most ages ago is the squire of surname king, built 1937, gravestone grows 2 meters many 1.5 meters high, for double of common gravestone.

Jin Baidong of curator of museum of lukewarm state city says, this is Wen Zhou discovers cliff bury first group, it is the grave of room of grave of afterwards stone canopy, mound grave, earthy hole grave, brick, grave that hang coffin hind, discover a kind of new civilian bury common, to study Wen Zhoumin wind folk-custom provided more data.

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