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Uncover secret whole world top class museum is countless strange precious
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Museum of palace of Parisian Lu float, London is British museum, new York is cosmopolitan museum... strange precious of several endless art, on culture hall, in leisurely years, tirelessly path comes once honour flourish and vicissitudes of life.

Lu float palace is one of palace buildings with the oldest France, be located in to square of opern of riverside of accept of capital Paris a place of strategic importance, Paris. Be in early 1546, made of baked clay generation of bright all alone decides law Wang Fu to build new palace on the foundation of former castle, after this passes 9 liege and ceaseless extend, last a period of time 300 one's remaining years, the grandiose and brilliant palace that forms to show U glyph is built group. On August 10, 1793, on the anniversary day that reverses monarch to make, france " national consortium " decision in former days palace monarch is national art museum, of the same age on November 18, museum of Lu float palace is opened formally to the public.

British museum is the omnibus museum with the biggest England, say not to list bump museum again, be located in ave of Er of London Lu Sai. 18 centuries metaphase, the private library that gives a state in bequeath of Sir Hans Silong reachs his to develop on the foundation that Tibet tastes and be become. Bought unconscious tower ancient edifice to be house location 1754, opened to the public first 1759. 1823, ying Wangqiao controls 4 lives with its father a large number of collecting books donate, make the Tibet of this museum tastes all the more to abound, tower ancient large building is covering after base the new building that ancient Romanesque built on location. The building is grand dignified, there is Egypt art inside house, Greek with Roman artistic house, Xi Yayi art house, Europe is mediaeval house of artistic house, Oriental art and ethical institute, mix with artistic house of Egypt art house, Greek Rome among them Oriental and artistic house is the most conspicuous.

New York is cosmopolitan museum is one of the United States' biggest museum, in order to exhibit each country cultural relic and artwork celebrated.

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