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Of tourist attraction of general Tuo hill south day door
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Hill hangs the sea formerly south in, tide falls only then, shi Qiao and general Tuo hill are built to be linked together after. Bridge body is like dragon, bridge of renown annulus dragon. Cross the bridge to see two cliff, be like natural stone door. Stone reveal, have blue manage inscribe " hill sea grand sight " 4 words. It is one broad platform into the door, by column overlook, blue waves is vast, float light jumps gold. There is one gigantic rock inside the door, renown lion cliff. Cliff of climb a hill of edge stone class supports, see depression of two place urine, pool water is clear, there is a problem to engrave by " longan spring " . Carving on cliff " Long Hua congress " , " the day austral baffle " wait for a problem to engrave. The place that eight saints go across the sea is here, first ancestor of Zen of general Tuo hill rests really Ceng Jiemao of a Buddhist monk hereat.

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