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Refluent when, beach silvers coin dene after Bai Shan of general Tuo Zhu Jiajian bare a big mud beach. 4 days ago, the strange rock that blessing starts community collects lover Bao Ping and stone is searched on beach, the artificial relics of on abrupt beach 4 distributinging regulation (see a picture) the attention that caused him. Relics of ancient kiln of “ my discovery. ” Laobao told a reporter yesterday.


Yesterday afternoon 3 when make, laobao is leading deputy researcher of reporter and city museum beach silvers coin dene after introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Lian Ronglai arrives. Seawall is outside beach, deepness still is below pond foot the Hai Sha in 1 meter of above, it is beach of a mud however downward. Old Bao explanation says, dweller of the place 30 years ago digs sand to cause that, as tidewater erode, showed slimy beach eventually.

The face of beach of artificial relics tower above in beach has a few centimeters only, add the thing accumulation that is similar adobe shape only to be over there, and flood when relics is flooded by seawater, be discovered very hard so. Go to beach intermediate region, 3 when Laobao is showing beach to go up similar the thing of ancient kiln relics says: “ is here, still one is flooded in seawater. ”

3 place ruins looks to surround shape adobe like each, face of beach of every place tower above 56 centimeters, show linear shape to distributing, every place relics is 1.3 meters or so long, 1 meter or so wide, apart is controlled in 1.8 meters between adobe. Big Buddha of avalokitesvara of general Tuo hill is on relics. Strange is, green gray is shown inside adobe relics, periphery is gules however, be like trace of artificial baked wheaten cake. Hu Lianrong is looked around all around, a three rival powers and a Yin Wen hard Tao Pian discovered around, there is reseau grain on Tao Pian. He is preliminary estimation, the time of these two implements makes an appointment with the year later period before 2500 to come period of the Warring States.

Hu Lianrong says, this affirmation is artificial relics, but not be ancient kiln relics, ancient kiln is built around hill Ao commonly, should have water, have bavin, traffic is convenient. These relics scope are too little, more resembling is the adobe relics before giving pit. The introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad analysis that connect flourish says. This relics distributings to be taken in tide, can inference, in those days briny position is smaller than wanting now 56 meters, as a result of,artificial relics may be all round the change of the geographical environment such as cave in is formed.

Why should the ancients build these artificial structures in the seaside, what are these things after all, do what to use? Each mystery group takes an examination of ancient expert to defeat solution further urgently.
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