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· of boat hill archipelago opening ceremony of Cultural Festival of avalokitesv
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One, mobile time: On October 28 morning 9: 00

2, mobile place: Nanhai avalokitesvara square

3, responsibility branch: Ministry of civil service ministry, religious general affairs

4, assist run an unit: Desk of bureau of citizen boat bureau, citizen an administrative unit in Xizang, city does

Taiwan company of sea of sky of mountain of Tuo of source of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two emperor, general

5, mobile content:

Current avalokitesvara Cultural Festival is emphasized reflect communication of cross-strait avalokitesvara culture, main content has: Luo Jia of Tuo of kind boat general, do obeisance to Nanhai avalokitesvara together. By the mainland and Taiwan Taiwan of concerned branch organization believes numerous charter flight to come hill attends avalokitesvara Cultural Festival and chapel of make a pilgrimage to a temple on a famous mountain, hold general Tuo hill and Taiwan Alisan (or other condition area) build ceremony of friendly scene area. Hai Tianfo of ” of Luo Jia of Tuo of general of the “ of sweet tourist of and other places of constituent Fujian, Dalian that start project of tourism of national free travel, enlarge the brand force of general Tuo hill further, hill of stimulative general Tuo and the travel economy of boat hill grow. Main activity has:

(1) avalokitesvara treasure resembles greeting ask a ceremony;

(2) city leads a speech;

(3) Buddhist association leads a speech;

(4) Taiwan scene area represents a speech;

(5) announce “ of current Cultural Festival lucky 3 treasure ” ;

(6) each other of area of as friendly as Taiwan scene gives a gift;

(7) ” of week of culture of hill of Tuo of general of “ Oriental aviation starts a ceremony;

(8) attendant and top leader announces the Cultural Festival kicks off;

(9) association of buddhism of Pu Tuo hill holds pray blessing law to meet;

(10) after the opening ceremony, the avalokitesvara treasure that holds by a definite date 5 days resembles ceremony of pilgrimage look up.

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