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4 days of Wang Xian
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After Buddha is become before long, in buddhist the view in deciding thinks Sai Wei: "I had been in this is worldly achievement is clinking waiting to becoming aware, remember still boundless brimless all living creatures needs me to save degree, I should let them plant course of study of Fu Tianxiu be apt to. Zhu Fo was fed to beg of all living creatures with holding in the past in order to raise lubricious body, I also should hold beg to feed with past Zhu Fo, and blessing of establish of your all living creatures just is. And blessing of establish of your all living creatures just is..

The Saiwei of Buddha gives immediately guard 4 days of Wang Zhi beside to. Then, 4 days of Wang Xin are taking 4 gold like that, will to the front of Buddha carry ceremony say on the head: "Buddha! We are to live apart the All Souls'Day in all directions of ethereal thing north and south, hear Buddha to become aware into solicit comments today, jubilate indefinitely. A moment ago know Buddha must be fed with beg, specially is acted according to on gold, make offerings to Buddha, hope Buddha experience and observe our sincerity, compassionate accept suffers. Compassionate accept suffers..

"4 days king! Your pious is sincere, make me jubilate. But the gold of so rare world, do not suit my beg to feed will use, you or recapture go saving. You or recapture go saving..

4 days of king see Buddha does not agree to accept, not brokenhearted. Then, return heavenly palace immediately, take 4 silver to make offerings to again Buddha, buddha still does not agree to accept. Accordingly, they take 4 again quite Qu of pear, coloured glaze, agate, Che, buddha still does not agree to accept, the again and again is rejected by Buddha gentle words.

4 days of king feel cannot can apply, woebegone when, wang Shui of 毘 Sramana day: "Ah! I think. All the emperor of past cyan day, to my here amuse oneself when, they took a stone to give me, I do not agree to accept at that time, call their recapture to install fill food, but, a the emperor tells me: "Must not take this stone to install fill food, should precious like pagoda consecrate rises, buddha of a Sakyamuni becomes Buddha in the world in the future

Moment, can go off with makes offerings to he. " accordingly, I am precious all the time ground in store. I am precious all the time ground in store..

Other day king listened the word of king of 毘 Sramana day, if be realized somewhat, jubilate say: "Was opposite! How do we arrive to just think of at that time? That gold, silver-colored, can you use how on the Suo mother-in-law world of filthy? Blessing of all living creatures is shallow, if see the gold of Buddha, silver-colored and unripe heart having thief, be your all living creatures the course of study that make a crime? Accordingly, buddha for pity Min all living creatures, and do not use precious bullion. And do not use precious bullion..
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