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Luo: Hainan Island, international tourism is accelerating the retirement tax-
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This morning, the Provincial Committee, Governor Luo VIP room in the provincial government, met with chairman and president of Sunshine Insurance Group, Zhang Wei Gong and his party. During the meeting, Luo introduced this year, Hainan's economic and social development. He said that international tourism in Hainan Island since construction of a national strategy, Hainan's economic and social, people's livelihood have made great progress. At present, Hainan is speeding up the State to give back the international tourist island duty-free shopping, yacht management, and other preferential policies of the floor, the implementation of the East Central Railway will soon put into operation, the Western Railway is related to long-term development of Hainan construction of major projects progressing smoothly. October this year, Hainan history of a rare heavy rainfall experienced floods, the sun 200 million insurance group support and timely contributions to disaster relief in Hainan, Luo at the meeting to express my sincere thanks. He said the State Council, provinces and municipalities and the community highly concerned about the disaster, flood disaster relief support in Hainan, which fully reflects the love of the whole nation of Hainan, the Hainan people is inspiring. Luo said that international tourism island can not do without the support of the financial industry. He hopes to expand insurance Sunshine Insurance Group, the insurance industry to play a role in safeguarding Hainan Agriculture planting, said the provincial government is willing to strengthen cooperation in this regard to give support. Sunshine Insurance Group is one of the seven insurance groups, the current property insurance in the sun and the sun and many other specialized life insurance subsidiaries. Zhang Wei Gong describes the development of Sunshine Insurance Group. He said that Hainan has a favorable environment for development of the financial industry and the unique advantages, Sunshine Insurance Group is willing to play its own advantages, to further broaden the scope of business, insurance, agriculture and fisheries to support the work of Hainan, and in old-age insurance, to strengthen cooperation with Hainan, support Hainan development and achieve win-win situation. Vice Governor Chen Cheng, provincial departments, Sanya municipal government attended the meeting.